The SUPEA (Psychiatric University Service for Children and Adolescents) and ARC (Autism Resource Centre) located at Lenval Hospital in Nice, France, have, with the support of MONAA, achieved significant advances in the field of autism research.

MONAA supported a symposium that brought together prestigious internationally known scientific experts at the Congress of the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Profession. (Durban, August 2014).

MONAA also supports a collaborative research project between the SUPEA and Molecular Pharmacology Institute (CNRS) in Sophia Antipolis. The project "Genaudys" started one year ago. This is a family genetic study which focusses on researching clinical and genetic characteristics of children and their parents with autism and related dissociative disorders. The first results of the study will be published during the course of 2016.

MONAA is also backing a collaborative project between INRIA (the French National Institute for Computer Science and Applied Mathematics) in Sophia Antipolis and the Autism Resource Centre. The objective of this project is to develop direct applications in field practice for autistic children. Indeed, it should scientifically answer the question as to why the IT medium is as important as it is with regards to helping autistic children. The project was recently launched and the expected results will be published starting 2017.



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